Welcome To SeeTheSchoolSpending (BETA)

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Why Beta?

A “beta” version of a website means that it is useful but is still undergoing fine-tuning. Currently the site is best viewed with Firefox, or Chrome browsers. If you use a Microsoft browser (Internet Explorer or Edge), you will not see the County names in the District scroll-down list. We are working to correct that. If you see other bugs, please let us know by clicking “Contact Us” at the top of the screen.

In the coming weeks we will be adding additional search categories, adding an inflation adjustment for spending-related categories, and improving the functionality of the site. Some search results require explanation, so we will be adding footnotes soon. We welcome your suggestions for making the site more useful to you.

The SeeTheSchoolSpending tools are designed to allow you to access the same publicly available statistics we use for our research to do your own research online.

You can select the data you want to see and create your own graphs and ranked listings. Summary reports are also available at the State, District, and School levels.

You can save the graphs or rankings tables you create and use them in your own reports. Or you can e-mail them to someone who might be interested in the results you found.

The easiest way to use these tools may be to click on one of the samples in the right column. You can then change the years or the category or the districts or schools you wish to compare. Each sample demonstrates a different tool or area of the SeeTheSchoolSpending database.

In the "Trends, Graphs, Data" area, you can create graphs for multiple schools or districts or the state as a whole. You can choose the timeframe and the districts or schools, allowing you to compare your school or district to others.

In the "Rankings" area, you can create a table that compares several or all districts or schools on as many as four statistics you choose.

Sample Data

State - Expenditures Per Student

Achievement vs. Spending - All Districts 2013

Average Teacher Salaries - Statewide Trend - 1993- 2013

Surplus or Deficit in Operational Budget - 1993- 2014

Teacher Salaries as a Percent of Total Cost - 1993- 2014