MCPP Rankings Tool

Welcome to MCPP's Rankings tool where you can choose up to four categories by which to compare districts or schools. The data came from annual reports from the State Superintendent of Education. (These reports can be found on the website of the State Department of Education; see link at bottom of this page.) MCPP performed some calculations to provide totals or averages that were not presented as such in the Superintendent's Reports.

To create your own Rankings table:

  1. Choose the appropriate tab for the information you seek - State, District, or School (coming soon)
  2. Choose up to four Categories such as Expenditures per Student or Avg Teacher Salaries. To see the rankings among the state's districts or schools in the categories you choose, select the "rank" item which is listed immediately under each category.
    For example, select Avg Teacher Salaries and Teacher Salaries Rank (which is listed right after Avg Teacher Salaries) in order to see the average salary for a particular district and how that ranks among the state's 152 districts.
  3. Choose a year. Most categories in the District list go back to school year 1992-93, which is identified as 1993. Most items in the School list go back only to 2002-03, which is identified as 2003.
  4. Choose one or more (or all) Districts or Schools. You can compare only a few districts or schools, or you can click "Select All" to compare all districts or schools. These lists are arranged by County, in alphabetical order of the county. Then, within each county, the districts are arranged alphabetically; within each district, the schools are arranged alphabetically.
  5. Click SUBMIT to create your table.

Click on any heading to sort the table by that item; click it again to reverse the order. Click on the District or School heading to sort alphabetically; click on any other column heading to sort by that category.

To use the table in your own document: After you create your table, you can "copy and paste" the table into a word processing document or spreadsheet. Here's how: highlight the table by placing your mouse above the table, holding down your mouse button, and sliding the mouse down and across until the whole table is highlighted. Then let go of the mouse button, click on "Edit" at the top of your browser, then select "Copy". You can then go to your own document and click "Edit" then "Paste." If you would like to share your findings with others, you can copy the URL and paste it into an e-mail message or post it on Facebook or other social media. When others click on that link, it will take them to the results page you created. (We will soon add a one-click option for you to share your results with others.)

“Rank” fields are calculated with the rank of “1” being the highest number or dollar amount, with one exception. The Accountability Rating ranks the best districts and schools (“A”-graded) as 5 and the worst as 1.

Source of data: Education data found on this site came primarily from the annual Superintendent's Report published by the State Department of Education. You can find these reports at http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/. MCPP performed some calculations to provide totals or averages that were not presented as such in the Superintendent's Reports.